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Texas Mission From Bennington Bible Church

La Villa, Texas BBQ

The team from Bennington, KS, hosted a BBQ for the leaders of the city of La Villa, TX, and had a good turnout. Some of the police, and many of the firefighters attended. The team was able to share some time with them and eat good food, but what I liked seeing most was the team playing basketball with youth who were not from the church, and at the end exchanged information to try to keep in touch.

The team went to a nursing home every day and helped the nursing home prepare for the state inspection. They visited, read to, played games, painted nails, etc. with the residents. Two of the residents accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Some of the youth, from the team, are now thinking of going into the medical field and becoming a medical missionary.

Before the team came I had spoken to my husband and we had decided to not worry about construction on our home, even though Dale offered it. We wanted to focus on others in the community who were in need. When the Bennington Church, and Gerald Hall, came to our house to meet with my husband they told him “we will not be working on your porch”. He replied “that’s OK.” Then they told him “we will be adding a master bed room with bathroom instead.” We were not expecting this. For years we had wanted to add to our home because our daughter has been sleeping with us in the same room, and she is now in 5th grade. This year seemed to be the same as we prayed and talked to God “Well Lord it seems that we will not be able to add to our home this year either.” The Lord had different plans. He always seems to show us that the things we may think are impossible are not impossible for him.   By: Nora Hernandezu

Bennington, KS to Texas 2016

Surprise Room

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