Dugout Friendship

Year after year, summer games were played in this field without dugouts. The players and the community are so grateful for the team from Popular, WI, working until this was possible. Loads of dirt was delivered and spread throughout the field.

This team arrived eight days after a historical flood in the Mississippi Delta. On their arrival day they met with key people that were working with many of the flood victims. They were able to assist these key individuals so they could utilize their time by helping others. Each day the list for help grew. They were able to assist about 5 homes of families affected by the flood. This assisted about 10 family members. After the team departed, we had calls the next week for additional assistance.

Each after noon 6 of the team members would go and work with about 20 students in the after school program. Two afternoon, Six (6 of the team members went and participated in activities with about 10 individuals that lived in an Assistant Living facility. The also did landscape while they were there. The young people did fellowship with about six of the neighbors playing softball. The entire team was able to attend a local baseball game. Three of the young boys were able to get their hair cut by the town barber. The good ole southern food was a hit as always.
The team leaders commented, “Of all the mission trips, this was one of the most organized trips”.


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